Motorized Ball Valve- 1/2" Brass Electrical Ball Valve with Full Port, 9-24V AC/DC and 3 Wire Setup

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Motorized ball valves are a vital piece of equipment in numerous applications. This model opens and closes in 3-5 seconds, and remains in its new position while expending no energy. This is a key difference between motorized ball valves and many solenoid valves. Most solenoid valves are energized continuously when in a new position, while motorized ball valves expend energy only when changing from open to close, or vice versa.

The 3 wire model is perfect for situations where two point control is needed. Two of the wires can be connected directly to a toggle switch, and the third wire can be connected to a second point of control. This can allow operation with an open/close switch, while the second point of control allows for automation. All models come with instructions and wiring diagrams so you can be completely comfortable with your new valve.

Model: USS-MSV00011
Valve Material : Brass
Ball Seat : PTFE
Seal : EPDM
Operating Time : 3-5 Seconds
Working Voltage : 9-24V AC/DC
Max Power : 2 W
Max Torque : 2 N m
Max Pressure : 1.0 Mpa
Temperature Range for Flow Medium : 0°C to 90°C
Ambient Temperature Range : -10°C to 40°C
Enclosure Rating : IP65
Life Expectancy : 80,000 to 100,000 Cycles
Bore Type : Full
Thread Type : G
Wiring Type : 3 Wire Setup